CRMSS Ontario 2023

How to apply to attend CRMSS Ontario 2023

Tutor Team

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The tutor team for CRMSS Ontario 2023 will be:

Greg SkidmoreMatthew LongTom CastleSharang SharmaLucas HarrisDr. Kate Helsen, and Katherine Hill.


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CRMSS Ontario 2023 Theme

The theme of CRMSS Ontario 2023 is A Double Bill: 150 years of English Polyphony.

2023 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Byrd. Byrd's fame and influence are difficult to overstate and many consider his work to be the best of the entire English Renaissance. While there is certainly competition for that title, Byrd's music defintely resonates with modern audiences as emblematic of the high Renaissance in England as a whole.

100 years before Byrd's death another important English composer died, also a leader of his generation. At CRMSS Ontario 2023, we will also commemorate the death of William Cornysh the Younger, a prominent contributor to the so-called "English Florid Style" typified by the music found in the Eton Choirbook. Cornysh's music was written before the English Reformations that so characterised the music of Byrd and his contemporaries and is in places more mysterious to our modern ears, requiring dazzling virtuosity and a commitment to its almost-symphonic scale.

Our two "Bills", therefore, represent the beginning and end of an incredibly rich era of music composition in England, including other notable geniuses such as John Taverner, Thomas Tallis, Orlando Gibbons, and Thomas Weelkes (who also died 400 years ago this year) and so many more. At CRMSS Ontario 2023, we will explore this repertoire in all its breadth and variety, touching on familiar music as well as pieces which will hopefully be new to you.

What types of singing will happen at CRMSS Ontario 2023?


A major focus of the week's work is singing together as one choir, exploring larger scale, mainly sacred a capella music of the Renaissance. The specific repertoire chosen depends on the distribution of voices amongst the course participants, and the repertoire selections will conform with the theme of the course.

We will also divide the participants into two smaller chamber groups which work separately, and look at repertoire different from what is covered in the tutti group.


While the majority of our time is spent preparing ensemble music in choral and small group contexts, good solo vocal technique is of course essential for good singing. This applies to music written in any style and during any time period, including the Renaissance.

Matt Long will lead the solo singing side of CRMSS Ontario 2023. Solo singing and good vocal technique are core parts of CRMSS and we believe that solo and ensemble singing can sit comfortably side by side, one informing and enhancing the other.

Participants are enthusiastically encouraged to bring their own solo repertoire written by English composers before 1630.

As we have been since our first course in 2018, we are lucky to have Lucas Harris, one of Canada's most prestigious lutenists, on our tutor team in 2023. Lucas will again lead Lute Day at CRMSS Ontario 2023, and will be available to work with solo singers at the beginning of the week, accompanying them on the lute in lessons and repertoire coaching sessions. Lucas needs to take a few days away from the course this year in order to fulfill commitments in Toronto, but will return to accompany soloists during our final public concert at the end of the week.

There was so much wonderful solo repertoire written in England during the Renaissance and we look forward to building upon the strong tradition of solo singing we have established at our previous CRMSS courses.

Consort singing: one and two per part vocal chamber music

Any serious amount of time spent getting to know the music of the Renaissance must include small-ensemble singing. The tutors will chose groups and assign them repertoire before the week begins, sending out scores and reference recordings so participants can prepare in advance and come with one or two pieces already learned.

It is in these small group settings that we can best explore secular repertoire from the English Renaissance. We believe it is of particular importance that the secular music of this period be covered, as it provides a more vivid picture of the sorts of musical lives these musicians actually lived, be they composers or singers or both.

As with solo repertoire, there will be opportunities to work on small ensemble music that participants bring themselves.

The pre-formed small groups will all be at least two-singers-per-part. Everyone will be allocated into one of these small groups, and perhaps more than one if numbers allow. There will be more time set aside for even smaller, one-per-part consorts to form and experiment with other repertoire, both on an ad hoc basis and under the direction of a member of staff.


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The details of the performances we will give as part of CRMSS Ontario 2023 are still being finalised. Below are descriptions of the performances that took place at CRMSS 2022 to give you an idea of what to expect at CRMSS Ontario 2023. As the details of CRMSS Ontario 2023 firm up, we will post informaton here.

Final course concert

In 2022 we were extraordinarily privileged to give our final course concert in the magnificent St Thomas Aquinas Chapel of St Peter's Seminary. This concert was open to the public and included a selection of the music we'd learned over the course of the week, including chamber choir, tutti, small group, and solo pieces.

We are in discussions with St Peter's Seminary regarding CRMSS Ontario 2023 and plan on singing there again.

Choral Vespers

In both 2019 and 2022, a special highlight of the course was singing a Choral Vespers service at St Peter's Seminary. This service, conducted entirely in Latin and using the Tridentine Rite, involves a large amount of Gregorian plainsong interspersed with polyphonic motets and psalms. The story of Catholic religious practice in England during the Renaissance offers us at CRMSS Ontario 2023 a rich and exciting well of repertoire from which to draw in planning this service.

Daily evening church services

Throughout the week, at the end of each day, we will sing Compline in Huron chapel. Our Compline service is simple, sung in English, and is largely made up of plainsong, with a few simple motets for contrast. It is designed not as something pressured or necessarily to be worked towards, but rather as a way of bringing our day together to a peaceful close - precisely as the service was designed to do in its original monastic context. These services mainly serve as a way for us to come together as a course and to experience the daily rhythm of liturgical music making that formed the wider context for most of the music we will be studying.

Internal 'sharing' concert for CRMSS participants

Everyone who participates in CRMSS Ontario 2023 will have a chance to perform any of the music they work on over the course of the week, be it in their pre-formed smaller groups or in groups they form themselves or the solo repertoire they work on or music they bring themselves... or anything else!

A Typical Day

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Here's the shape of how 'a typical' day looked at CRMSS 2022. We are always in the process of tweaking the daily schedule to get things just right, and pacing our time is very important to us. For CRMSS Ontario 2023, the schedule below is very much subject to change, and individual events on given days will mean the schedule deviates from this significantly.

Full course warmup
Full course choral rehearsal - 2.5 hours, including a 20 minute tea break
Small group work and/or solo sessions, including a 10 minute break
Lecture / Symposium / Round Table / Masterclass, including a 10 minute break
Continued small group work, ad hoc, or solo sessions, including a 10 minute break
Full course choral rehearsal - 1 hour, including a 10 minute break
Full course choral rehearsal - 1 hour, including a 10 minute break
Compline rehearsal (approx. 45 min)
Compline (approx. 30-45 min)
Pub / Home / Sleep / Late night singing!

Soft launch

New for CRMSS Ontario 2023 will be a 'soft launch' to the week. The course will begin on the afternoon of Saturday, May 13th 2023 with a longer registration period and time for you to find your feet at Huron. The singing that day will only consist of a tutti rehearsal, followed by wine and nibbles (that might perhaps extend into the evening!). We will sing Compline on the evening of the 13th, but this service will be simple and not contain the more sophisticated polyphony we will incorporate into Compline later in the week. More information on this 'soft launch' will be available soon.

The right pace

We received some very positive feedback after CRMSS 2022 suggesting that the pace of the week was much improved relative to previous years. The week is a busy one and it's important that everyone gets enough down time.

Attendance at Compline each evening will not be compulsory, but is greatly encouraged! The feedback we've received from those who did attend every night in previous years has been that it is a wonderful way to bring each day to a close, but we also understand that some of you may need your sleep! You will also be entirely welcome to attend Compline and not sing if you need some vocal rest.

Attendance at the talks will also not be compulsory, but encouraged - if for no other reason than to give your voice a break and get your brain thinking about something other than all that sight reading.

Of course, if you feel at any time that you need a break, you are welcome to approach any tutor and ask.

Lectures, Symposia, and Round Table discussions

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The course will include some sessions in which we - don't - sing! These discussions will provide context for the practical music making which is the focus of the course, and highlight the importance of scholarship in performance, and, crucially, visa versa.

Our programme of speakers at CRMSS Ontario 2023 has not yet be finalised. In the past at CRMSS, we've enjoyed the following:

CRMSS Ontario 2023 Lute Day

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A mini-CRMSS course just for lutenists!

Following on from the success of the first CRMSS Lute Day in 2021, we again ran a dedicated sub-event within CRMSS in 2022, CRMSS Lute Day. Lucas Harris took charge of this event. If you are interested in taking part in CRMSS Ontario Lute Day 2023, please get in touch with us.

Lucas contacted potential participants individually and created a bespoke experience once he has an idea of who was coming. Here is a list of proposed activities for CRMSS Ontario 2023 Lute Day:

We were very fortunate to welcome Terry McKenna back as a tutor at CRMSS 2022 Lute Day. He joined Lucas in planning and running this event. We are also in discussions with Wilma van Berkel, a lute maker of international renown based in London, Ontario, hoping she can be involved.

In 2022, CRMSS Lute Day lasted for a full day, starting in the morning and concluding around dinner time. Participants and tutors at CRMSS 2022 Lute Day were also welcome to attend our nightly Compline service.

How to apply

Please fill in our online application form, by clicking the 'Apply to come to CRMSS Ontario 2023' button on our contact page. On our contact page you can also follow us on social media and fill in a web form that will send us a quick email if you want more information.

If you apply to come to CRMSS Ontario 2023 Lute Day, you'll be using the same application form as our singer participants and so it may contain some questions that don't apply to you as a lutenist. You are welcome to skip over them if you wish.

The cost of attending Lute Day at CRMSS Ontario 2023 is $125.


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(with some bursaries available)

In this time of increasing financial uncertainty, we are proud to be able to keep the cost of attending CRMSS Ontario 2023 the same as the cost of CRMSS 2022.

$525 is the standard rate for a singing participant at CRMSS Ontario 2023. We regularly offer bursaries to students, other younger participants, and those experiencing financial hardship. These are offered as the need arises and our resources allow.

Lute Day

The cost of attending Lute Day in 2022 was $125 and we are glad to keep this price the same in 2023.

Travel and Accommodation

If attending either the full course or just Lute Day, you will need to cover your travel to London Ontario and your accommodation, if required. While CRMSS doesn't bear these costs, we do try to help as much as we can with your logistics, including arranging for you to be picked up and dropped off at local bus or train stations or London International Airport.

We can also help you find your accommodation, either through making a group booking to use the student accommodation at Huron University College or by helping arrange the sharing of Airbnbs or similar.