The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School

A Greeting from our Patron

Peter Phillips

Director of The Tallis Scholars

The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School is now in its second year. I am so glad last year was such a success, that it has continued, and will do so now on an annual basis.

It is exciting to think that the foundation that was laid in 2018 was only just the beginning. I know Greg has ambitious plans for 2019 and beyond. The important thing now is to maintain the momentum all of you worked to establish last year, as it is the regularity of events like this that enable them to flourish.

From my perspective, when I hear of groups of people all around the world getting together to learn about and perform Renaissance polyphony, I am of course delighted but also wish to urge them on. There’s so much of it to discover! The Tallis Scholars are always performing new repertoire from this period, and the breadth of what is on offer is endlessly compelling.

It is clear that there exists a great appetite in Canada for understanding, appreciating, and performing this music at very high standards. The Summer School's musical achievements in 2018 alone suggest there is much fertile ground here. Canada, of course, boasts of a sophisticated classical and choral music scene, but the success of The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School stands as evidence that a specific focus on Renaissance polyphony need not be out of place.

So as patron, I offer my continued encouragement to Greg, his team of tutors, and all the participants of The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School. I can guarantee that the music of the Renaissance will go on inspiring and challenging you, both during what I know will be another successful week in 2019, but also as you integrate polyphony more centrally into your broader musical lives.

Bravo, and keep up the excellent work!

Peter Phillips
Director, The Tallis Scholars

Peter Phillips' greeting from 2018