The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School

The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer Schools in 2023 have yet to be announced, but here are the confirmed dates:
CRMSS Pacific 2023
Friday, May 3rd
Sunday, May 7th
CRMSS Ontario 2023
Saturday, May 13th
Sunday, May 21st

Much of the information on this page and the rest of this website relates to CRMSS 2022, which took place in London Ontario in May 2022. It will be updated in the coming days and weeks. Please check back often for all our updates.

If you wish to inquire about one of our two courses taking place in 2023, please get in touch.

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The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School is a federally registered not-for-profit organisation in Canada and we are in the process of submitting a charitable status application. Please consider donating to us if you are able.

The fifth annual Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School, directed by Greg Skidmore, will take place in May 2023.

Aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at undergraduate students, graduates, and young professional musicians, The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School (CRMSS) is dedicated to the study and performance of Renaissance polyphonic vocal and instrumental music at the highest levels.

Come and learn from internationally acknowledged specialist tutors from the worlds of performance and academia, and be immersed in this magnificent music for a week. It will be an intensive period of rehearsal and performance, both liturgically and in concert, all with an emphasis on quality in performance.

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CRMSS 2023 Dates:

Saturday, May 13th


Sunday, May 21st



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Applications are not yet open, as we are still finalising our plans for 2023. Please get in touch if you would like any more information.

If you wish, you can also chat live with us via Facebook Messenger by clicking the red button in the bottom right corner of any page on this website. If we're not available immediately, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

While the course is open to everyone aged 18 and over, successful applicants will have a high level of sight reading confidence and some experience with small ensemble and, for singers, one per part a capella singing. Current and recent university music students are especially encouraged to apply and some familiarity with Renaissance repertoire will also be an asset. We encourage everyone to apply, though; a major in vocal studies is not a requirement, nor is the completion of formal musicological study.

This course will be very heavily focussed on performance; we will encounter academic, liturgical, and stylistic questions primarily through our practical engagement with the music itself. All that is required is an open mind and an affinity for collaborative ensemble music making.

Public Performances

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Final course concert

We are extraordinarily privileged to be giving our final course concert in the magnificent chapel of St Peter's Seminary. This concert will be open to the public and will take place at 2:30pm on Sunday, May 29. The concert will include a selection of the music we've learned over the course of the week, including chamber choir, tutti, small group, and solo selections.

Tickets are free of charge, but you need to reserve your place in advance. Please fill in this online form: CRMSS 2022 Tickets

Choral Vespers at St Peter's Seminary

At CRMSS 2019, a definite highlight for everyone was the special privilege of singing a Choral Vespers service in one of London Ontario's truly magnificent and rarely enjoyed liturgical spaces - the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at St Peter's Seminary. We are delighted to confirm that in 2022 we will again sing Choral Vespers at St Peter's Seminary, at 7:00pm on Saturday, May 28.

This church service will be open to the public.

There is no charge to attend this public Catholic church service, but you need to reserve your place in advance. Please fill in this online form: CRMSS 2022 Tickets

Daily evening church services

Throughout the week, at the end of each day, we will sing Compline. These services will begin at 9pm each day. Our Compline service is simple and largely made up of plainsong, with a few simple motets for contrast, and is designed not as something pressured or necessarily to be worked towards, but rather as a way of bringing our day together to a peaceful close - precisely as the service was designed to do in its original monastic context. These services will mainly serve as a way for us to come together as as course and to experience the daily rhythm of liturgical music making that formed the wider context for most of the music we will be studying.

Our nightly Compline services are open to public attendance.

More Information

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The course fee for CRMSS 2022 is $525.

We pride ourselves on keeping the fee absolutely as low as possible while offering a world-class experience. Your fee covers more than 35 hours of ensemble and individual coaching over the course of 8 days, participation in lectures and panel discussions led by our resident musicologist tutors, attendance and participation in masterclasses, private recitals, church services, and public concerts as well as musical scores (many of which will be newly edited) which are yours to keep after the course finishes.

Successful applicants will be asked to provide a deposit before the course begins to secure their place of $200. This will be counted against the total course fee, the remainder of which will be due later. Once fees are paid, CRMSS reserves the right to limit any refund, taking into account the individual circumstances of a participant's cancellation.

Lutenists wishing to attend CRMSS 2022 Lute Day will pay a tuition fee of $125. You can find out more about Lute Day by reading our course description.


Accommodation costs are not included in the course fee. We can, however, arrange accommodation for participants who would chose from a range of options.

Participants may also arrange and pay for accommodation entirely on their own, but transport between your accommodation and the course venues will not be supplied by CRMSS.


Travel to CRMSS is your responsibility. Once you have arrived for the course, if you've come by public transport, we will make sure you get to where you need to go.

Previous CRMSS Reports

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After each course, Founder and Artistic Director Greg Skidmore prepares a report, with input from the tutor team and some testimonials from participants, giving you the opportunity to get a feel for what happened at CRMSS that year. Please give them a read, and get in touch if you would like to know more!

CRMSS 2021 Report CRMSS 2019 Report CRMSS 2018 Report

Download a course poster

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If you would like to print off a PDF poster to advertise the summer school at your university, church, or other institution, please download one below, designed for two paper sizes:

Letter A4

The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School is federally registered in Canada as a not-for-profit corporation.