The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School

The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School

The second annual Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School, directed by Greg Skidmore, will take place in London, Ontario in May 2019. Aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at undergraduate students, graduates, and young professional singers, The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School (CRMSS) is dedicated to the study and performance of Renaissance polyphonic vocal music at the highest levels. Come and learn from internationally acknowledged specialist tutors from the worlds of performance and academia, and be immersed in this magnificent music for a week. It will be an intensive period of rehearsal and performance, both liturgically and in concert, all with an emphasis on quality in performance.

Sunday, May 19th


Sunday, May 26th


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Applications for The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School 2019 are now open. Please click here to go to the Contact page of this website to fill in and submit an online application form.

The application deadline is Friday, February 1st 2019.

While the course is open to everyone aged 19 and over, successful applicants will have a high level of sight reading confidence and some experience with small ensemble and one per part a capella singing. Current and recent university music students are especially encouraged to apply and being a first-study vocal student is not a requirement. Some famliarity with Renaissance repertoire would also be an asset but the completion of formal musicological study is not necessary.

This course will be very heavily focussed on performance; we will encounter academic, liturgical, and stylistic questions primarily through our practical engagement with the music itself. All that is required is an open mind and an affinity for collaborative ensemble music making.

Academic Accreditation

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We are incredibly excited to introduce at CRMSS 2019 formal academic accreditation through the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University. Current undergraduate music students at Western will be able to receive an Experiential Learning half credit by attending CRMSS 2019, which they can apply to their Western Faculty of Music transcript for the academic year 2019-20. Graduate students will be able to complete a fully accredited Independent Study Project by attending CRMSS, which will also count as a half credit.

       Dr. Kate Helsen, one of our CRMSS tutors and an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Music at Western, will be in charge of administering the practical aspects of the course, which will involve a daily journal and final essay submitted by each Western student. Torin Chiles, Lecturer and Voice Division Coordinator at the Faculty of Music at Western, will be formally overseeing the academic side of our offering to Western music students, while not participating in CRMSS itself as a tutor.

      Those seeking to gain academic credit for their time at CRMSS will participate in the same events and have the same opportunities as the rest of the participants, and their CRMSS course fee will be the same (see below). However, in order to gain the half credit, they will need to submit some written work to Dr. Helsen and Mr. Chiles.

This accreditation validates our strong academic credentials at The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School, while also acknowledging the crucial roles rehearsal and performance, both in a liturgical context and in concert, play in the study of music from the past. We are excited to welcome Western undergraduate students onto the course in 2019!

More information

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The course fee for CRMSS 2019 is $500. This covers more than 35 hours of ensemble and individual coaching over the course of 7 days, participation in lectures and panel discussions led by our resident musicologist tutors, and scores (many of which will be newly edited and will be yours to keep after the course finishes).

Successful applicants will be notified in mid February 2019 and asked to provide a deposit of $150 immediately to secure their place. This will be counted against the total course fee, the remainder of which will be due on Wednesday, May 1st 2019. Once fees are paid, CRMSS reserves the right to limit any refund, taking into account the individual circumstances of a participant's cancellation.


We are excited to offer a range of accommodation options for those coming from outside London, Ontario. Please keep in mind when considering what works best for you that the cost of accommodation is not included in the course fee.

Our two host institutions, Huron University College and Brescia University College, are both offering accommodation options in their residence facilities. This year, CRMSS will be collecting accommodation requests from participants and making the bookings centrally.

Brescia has recently invested heavily in brand new residence accommodation and we are proud to have been offered a reduced rate in their 'semi-private' rooms. In this setup, each individual room shares an ensuite washroom with only one other room. Participants are invited to make specific neighbour requests and semi-private room pairs will be allocated on a gender basis for those who haven't requested anyone in particular as their neighbour. The arrangement can be viewd in this floorplan. On each floor, guests can also make use of large lounges with TVs, kitchens, and small eating areas. Breakfast (continental on weekends and holidays and cooked during the week) is included with the accommodation at Brescia and our rate is $60 per night plus tax.

It is also possible for participants to book accommodation at Huron. This accommodation is simpler, including residence-style shared bathrooms, and does not include breakfast. Simple self-catering facilities are available. The rate for accommodation at Huron is $35 per night plus tax.

These two accommodation options allow us all to stay together, eat together, and will improve our time together when we're not singing. It's highly recommended that participants choose one of these two, and CRMSS will sort out all the details. Participants are of course entitled to arrange and pay for accommodation entirely on their own as well, but transport to and from the course venues will not be supplied by CRMSS.

CRMSS 2018 Report

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Click the button below to read a report written by Founder and Artistic Director Greg Skidmore about The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School 2018, held from May 27th to June 3rd 2018 at Huron University College and All Saints Hamilton Road in London, Ontario.

CRMSS 2018 Report

Download a course poster

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If you would like to print off a PDF poster to advertise the summer school at your univeristy, church, or other institution, please download one below, designed for two paper sizes:

Letter A4