A Greeting from our Patron

Peter Phillips

Director of The Tallis Scholars

The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School is unstoppable!

It seems only recently I was wishing you well at the end of August for CRMSS 2021, crossing my fingers slightly, knowing how much excitement was building up.

Greg mentioned to me that, for some of you, CRMSS 2021 was the first large-scale social event you had taken on since the pandemic hit. That you showed so much dedication to Renaissance polyphonic music shows me you have your priorities squarely where they should be!

CRMSS 2021 was a triumph in trying circumstances and I’m so pleased to know the course was a success last year, not allowing the damage of 2020 to take hold.

It is the intention that CRMSS 2022 will be a full return to wall-to-wall polyphony, similar to the course in pre-pandemic times. There will be many improvements and I encourage you to read up on the experience that is in store for you.

The Tallis Scholars are also back at it now, travelling the world and bringing Renaissance music to as many people as we can. We’re enjoying being back on the road, reminding ourselves how great this music is. If ‘getting back to normal’ is about finding the best parts of our previous lives and prioritising those, there is no better way to do this for Renaissance polyphony fans than to jump in with both feet and dedicate some serious time to this music. CRMSS provides you with that immersive experience. It really is a polyphony lover’s dream.

This year’s theme is ‘Camino: Polyphonic Journeys through Iberia and the New World’ and that means lots of Victoria and Guerrero of course! You’ll also get a rare chance to explore some music written in Latin America during the Renaissance, by composers such as Juan Guttierez de Padilla. I’m sure Greg won’t mind me mentioning that one of my fondest memories of him as an over-exuberant teenager was an all-night Victoria Requiem sight-reading session that took place at The Tallis Scholars Summer School many years ago.

With warmest wishes, as always, I strongly encourage you to attend The Canadian Renaissance Music Summer School 2022.


Peter Phillips
Director, The Tallis Scholars

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